Fill in your name, the number of regular season wins and playoff wins you expect the Lakers to have this season.  The closest 3 people receive an all-expenses paid trip to the fabulous Hangar Inn!  The overall winner gets the trophy (authentic Julius Randle signed picture), a place in the Hall of Champions (coming soon), and all the glory.  In the case of a tie for overall winner, or if more than 3 people are closest for the Hangar trip, the playoff wins will be the tie-breaker.  In case there is still a tie, the ultimate tie breaker is how many games you watched during the season with at least one person in this contest! You can pick multiple times, but only your latest pick will count as they are all time and date stamped.  You must submit before the opening game of regular season starts.  If you win with the lowest pick, you are a wuss.

Name *
Number of Laker wins this season
Tiebreaker - number of playoff wins this season